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Monday, August 20, 2018

Your Taco Vendor Prayers have been answered!

SoHo Taco is the answer to your Taco Questions! 

I can't tell you how many people ask me for recommendations for a taco vendor for their parties and while I know of a few, there has never been one that stood out enough to recommend... til now. I recently got to try Soho Taco Catering and have to say this was a pretty special taco catering company. While they offer the traditional street tacos with the typical cilantro, onion and salsa toppings they also had so many other offerings that you don't typically see with your average taco vendor, but Soho Taco isn't your 'average' taco vendor.

The variety and quality of the fillings, toppings and sauces are a stand-out from other taco vendors. You can tell the recipes used to cook up the fillings were carefully crafted.  They even make their own fresh corn tortillas on-site AND can even can infuse them with different flavors like sun-dried tomatoes - who does that?! 

I also was so pleased to see that they had a vast selection of aguas frescas with so many unique flavors. If you're not
familiar with aguas frescas they are light non-alcoholic drinks made from fruits, seeds, flowers and even grains. The most popular which you've probably heard of is horchata, which is a rice water. Soho offers all the typical aguas flavors but also have some really unique flavors that tasted as refreshing as they sound including blood orange limeade, strawberry hibiscus and a special forbidden rice horchata. They don't offer liquor as part of their catering BUT they can provide a bar and bartender service which works out to a better deal for a home party anyways! 

One thing I also found unique about SoHo is they have a lot more than just tacos. They have a variety of appetizers that were all as equally delicious as the tacos, and a few had me
wishing they had a sit down restaurant where I could order them! Everything was delicious but I was really impressed with the red-snapper ceviche,  the skewered albondigas with chipotle sauce and the coctel de cameron served with a jalapeno avocado aoili and tequila cocktail sauce.

If you want to try SoHo Taco out before committing to them for your next shin-dig they have a monthly tasting party at their headquarters in Santa Ana where you can try all their food and drink offerings. This is great because it allows you to get a real feel for what it'd be like to have the chef's serving up the tacos and tortillas being made right in front of you. 

AND if you want to try them without booking a party, they also have a Food Truck that travels around OC with their delicious tacos! For a look at the truck's schedule check out their:

To book SoHo Taco for your next party or see about attending their next tasting, contact them at 714/793-9392 or see their website:

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