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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mesa Lounge has a NEW Chef and a NEW menu!

I remember when Mesa Lounge first opened in Costa Mesa several years ago - known as the chic restaurant with the stunning retractable roof and 'no name' as they didn't have a sign for quite awhile. I recall loving the cocktails and trying my very first 'birthday cake shot there one night while celebrating a friend's birthday. 

Admittedly having not been there in awhile, I was eager to check out Mesa again with a new Chef and new menu items. New Chef Abel Vargas is mixing up the menu with a variety of globally-inspired tapas, allowing for a well-rounded dining experience, and making the menu appealing to everyone.

Hangar Steak

The updated menu features stand-out dishes such as the Beet Salad (horseradish crema, avocado, mixed greens) and Hanger Steak (carrot harissa puree, garlic chip, parsley).


Of course, you’ll still find Mesa’s crowd-pleasers like the Burrata (grilled peach, arugula, honey balsamic) and Cast Iron Mussels (olive oil, white wine, garlic).

Another one of the standouts from the new menu was the new Chix Sandwich. A perfectly cooked tender chicken breast, buttermilk fried and topped with cabbage jalapeno slaw and chipotle aioli, all atop a pillowy challah bun.

Chix Sandwich


I also loved the cucumber salad which was dressed with the most perfect green goddess studded with mint, cilantro and dill. It was the perfect appetizer for a warm summer day.

Another noteworthy menu item are the pizzas - we only tried the "meat" pizza but it was very good with array of carnivorous toppings including pepperoni, fennel sausage and honey roasted ham. Cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven it comes out with a charred crust.
Meat Pizza

The new menu officially launched at the end of July
and is available NOW! If you haven't been to Mesa
in awhile it may be time for a return visit soon...

Mesa is located at 725 Baker Street in Costa Mesa.
Open Tues-Saturday, 5pm to 2am; Sunday 6pm to 2am
More info on the website:
Phone: 714/557-6700

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