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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Build your masterpiece - one two or three times at the new Burgerim!

You know when you go to a burger place and can't decide between the classic burger or the western burger or some other yummy sounding burger? 
Well, now you can have them all at Burgerim! 

Burgerim in Long Beach

The new Burgerim has a unique approach to satisfying all your cravings in one meal!  Choose from an uno, duo, trio, or 16 pack of our gourmet 3 oz. patties and customize each one with a variety of buns, signature sauces, mouthwatering patties, and flavorful toppings!   

The Trio Combo

With 3 buns, 6 sauces, 11 different kinds of patties, and 9 unconventional toppings, one Burgerim order can satisfy all of your cravings. 

Patties included dry-aged beef, a spicy merguez patty, lamb, turkey, chicken, wagyu beef (slight up-charge on this one) as well as salmon, falafel and a veggie burger for the non-meat eaters. The awesome things is each 3oz burger in your order can be uniquely different. 

Love the cowboy! 
If you're not in a creative mood, they also several signature options like the classic, the california, the cowboy and the caliente.  

House-made Burgerim fries...SO good!

They also have the most delicious house made burgerim fries which were more like fresh potato chips to me (trust me you don't want to miss these!), onion rings and sweet potato fries along with a plethora of sauces to go with them and your burgers! My personal fav was the sriracha mayo but the garlic aioli was a close second! 

AND if for some reason you're not craving burgers and fries, they do offer chicken wings as well as two salad options to which you can add chicken or a burger patty. 

I visited the Long Beach location and they have a great Happy Hour too as well as a few unique items exclusive to this location like the Saba shake and cheesecake for dessert!

Burgerim has been expanding quickly in LA and OC, and you'll soon be seeing many more of this great little burger place! 

Current locations in OC include Aliso Viejo (26741 Aliso Creek Rd. ) and Orange (763 S. Main St.) 
Other nearby locations include Long Beach, downtown LA, and Hollywood with many more planned to be opening in the near future! 

For full info and to see their full menu visit the Burgerim website:

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