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Monday, September 4, 2017

NEW Restaurant Review: Reunion in Laguna Beach

Being a big fan of Reunion in Anaheim Hills I was SO excited to be invited to come try out their new location in Laguna Beach. Yes - Laguna Beach, you now have a Reunion Kitchen of your very own!

I have to admit that even with the GPS I actually drove past the new location. Unfortunately, it's a bit hidden on a side street off PCH that leads to a giant Pavilions Grocery Store that faces away from PCH, AND a giant parking lot which was a nice added bonus. ;) There are a few other businesses adjacent to it in this circular strip mall including their sister fast casual Mexican restaurant, Asada - which you can see from PCH so keep that mind in case you can't find Reunion. The signage is a tad on the small side too but it is lit up and the building itself has a beautiful white fa├žade reminiscent of a new England home.

Ruby Red Martini
The inside of the restaurant itself appears a bit smaller than the other location although it still has the iconic spacious welcoming bar in the middle . It also features an open exhibition style kitchen where you can see the Chefs hard at work cooking up your dinner. 

The waitress was super friendly and helpful, as we had tons of questions. I've been to Reunion in AH many times but it had been a little while since my last visit and my +1 had actually never been so it was all new to him. We ended up opting for the ahi tuna poke stack, the beet salad with pecans, the meatloaf sandwich, the fried chicken and biscuit (of course!) and the Cajun tater tots.

Grilled Meatloaf Sandwich

Everything was delicious and cooked very well but I have to say I was most surprised by the meatloaf sandwich! 

At first we were going to order a burger as they all sounded mouthwatering but we found ourselves intrigued by the meatloaf sandwich - and boy, am I glad we opted for it because it turned out to be our hands-down favorite dish! You can really tell the meatloaf was seasoned carefully throughout to make sure each bite was loaded with flavor and that it was cooked in a manner to ensure it stayed super moist. It comes topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato and served perfectly on a bun made of cheesy garlic toast - serious heaven here folks! 

Cajun Tater Tots

The other thing we really loved were the crispy Cajun tater tots - these bad boys are served up piping hot and crispy with a side of sour cream chive dressing, which is good enough to eat with a spoon all by itself! We ate every morsel and drop of this dish.

Roasted Beet & Candied Pecan Salad

I also have to say the salad was pretty stellar - yes, I know beet salad is par for the course these days but the standout on this was the balsamic reduction dressing. The salad itself was a mix of peppery arugula, crispy pecans, sour red onions and of course, a ring of beets around the perimeter. The balsamic reduction dressing had a hint of sweet citrus added to it and was just divine. We asked the waitress what the heck exactly they put in it and she said the Chef's won't give it up! Apparently they know it's THAT good - can't say I blame 'em cuz it really is! ;)

If there was one thing I wasn't that uber impressed with it would have to be the ahi tuna poke stack - it was good mind you, but just nothing special about it. It did have a nice hint of mango but even so, there wasn't anything that made it stand out in my mind. On a high note it was very fresh and the wonton chips they serve it with were outta this world!

Butter Cake

Dessert was a yummy butter cake with a souffle like topper - really unique and tasty! The souffle topper gives it a light airy component you don't usually find in a dense butter cake. Loved it! 

Rosemary's Chicken & Biscuits
If you're looking for somewhere to eat in Laguna or just want to try a new restaurant down that way, I highly suggest you hit Reunion Kitchen - you won't be disappointed!  

Reunion Laguna Beach is located at 610 N. Coast Hwy in Laguna Beach. 
Call 949/226-8393 to make a reservation. 

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