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Friday, December 28, 2018

NEW Restaurant Review: Silva's Fresh Eatery and Churrascaria

There's a NEW Churrascaria in town! 

So I don't claim to be a pro when it comes to Brazilian Churrascarias (a.k.a.steakhouses) as I've only ever been to two of them - the highly touted Fogo de Chao in LA and the much closer Texas de Brazil in Irvine.  While I wasn't overly impressed with Fogo, I am a pretty big fan of Texas de Brazil (TDB). 

When I was invited to come check out the new Silva's in
Costa Mesa, I was expecting something along the lines of TDB, but boy was I wrong! At the typical churrascarias, waiters come to your table with long skewers of different slow roasted and seasoned proteins, and slice off a serving for you. It's a never-ending parade of mouthwatering meat that would give any vegetarian nightmares. 

At Silva's it's a more casual approach. Yes, they still have the delicious variety of meats on skewers but instead of the waiter parade, you go up to the buffet and tell them how much of each you would like to try.  Similar to other churrascarias, they also have an extensive salad and side bar, called the Chef's Table at Silva's, where you can fill out the non-protein space on your plate. Be sure to try the truffle mac and cheese and the cheese bread, as they were both absolutely delicious! 

Honestly, the biggest surprise at Silva's was the price.
Typically, churascarria's charge around $50+ per head for their all you can eat dining experience. However, at Silva's I was really surprised to see the All You Can Eat experience is only $22.95 - almost half of the typical cost. 
Now, they only have about 7 different proteins which is less variety when compared to a place like TBD, which typically has about 10-12 different proteins circulating. However, they have two version of the infamous Brazilian picanha which is always the star at churrascarias, and I have to say they were both absolutely delicious at Silva's. I especially loved the garlic picanha - which I've never seen elsewhere, and HIGHLY recommend. 

If you're not an AYCE type of diner, they also offer an a la carte option with entrees ranging from $13.95-16.95, and a child's menu at $5.99.

They also have a cute bar area and do offer Happy Hour Mon-Friday. The dining room itself is really nicely adorned with warm textures and stylish lighting and seating.  It's a great place to meet up with a friend, date or even a large group as there were a few groups of 10 while we were there that were nicely accommodated.  

Silva's is located at 3672 S. Bristol in Santa Ana, in the South Coast Metro area. It is a tad hidden in the northwest corner of a large shopping center, but definitely worth the hunt. ;)
Dining Hours:
The Chef’s Table + Churrascaria 11:30am - 4pm Mon-Fri
Happy Hour Menu 3pm-7pm Mon - Fri
The Chef’s Table 5pm-9pm Mon - Fri
The Chef’s Table 12pm-9pm Sat and Sun
Late Night Menu 9pm -12am Fri and Sat

To see the full menu or read more visit their website:

Be sure to tell them OCFoodieGirl sent ya! 

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