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Monday, May 15, 2017

Have you been to Ms Alice in Costa Mesa?!

A hidden gem in Costa Mesa!

The adorable decor in this Alice in Wonderland themed speakeasy is reason enough to visit but wait til you try the delicious food and tasty cocktails! 

Everywhere you look is a playful reference to the beloved childhood book & movie, "Alice in Wonderland."  The movie itself is even playing silently on one wall of the speakeasy, with cozy couches set up to watch it if you're so inclined! 

The cocktails here are whimsical (of course!) like the speakeasy itself, AND very tasty! Pictured here are is the Chiquita Bonita gin cocktail & the Queen of Hearts champagne cocktail. The cocktails are season, like the menu for the most part so the menu will change. 

The food at Ms Alice was equally delicious! One of my favorite dishes was the baked brie which was baked inside of a baguette and drizzled with honey. Can you say SINFUL?   Other standouts were the mushroom pasta and the chocolate cake made with of all things mayonnaise! 
Baked Brie

Mushroom Pasta - so yummy!\
Crab Dip
The amazing chocolate cake

Ms. Alice is most definitely worthy of a visit even if it's just for a couple cocktails and to check out the fun decor. It's hidden behind Mansion Nightclub, although not affiliated in any way. Open for dinner only, 6:30PM+ Tues-Thursday, 6PM+ Fri & Sat. Closed Sunday & Monday. 

Ms. Alice is located at 841 Baker St in Costa Mesa
Reservations highly recommended, especially on weekends. 
Phone number949/630-5688
 🐰 themed

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